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Welcome to RhythmRancher.com

  • The Rhythm Rancher brings you rich sonic soundscapes blending universal positive Global sound waves for upliftment and healing value. This bold poly-rhythmic World Music was specifically designed for therapeutic uses with stroke victim rehabilitation. However, these CDs are also extremely helpful for Meditation, Relaxation, Invigoration, Dance, Massage, Yoga, Chakra & Breath work, Levitation and Visualization. The Rhythm Rancher started his journey in the sonic realm in the 60's on the piano, and then on guitar & bass, beginning formal study of rhythm and sound meditation in 1970. After all this time, the Rhythm Rancher continues to push forward with his innovative experiments in raising vibrations to unique new levels and using sound ultimately to bring more harmony, health and joy to listeners.

    my original music playing right now is called Rhumba and its from my latest CD Smile Of Bear



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