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ELECTRONIC studio gear on SALE here ~ many different rare and vintage items for great prices!


As my studio continually grows, I'm always engaged in thinning the herd :-)) Please look over my list of Electronic gear for sale and see if you might need anything :)

All gear is packed with utmost care with secure boxing in heavy cardboard with generous amount of padding in the form of foam, paper or bubble pack and will be FULLY INSURED with the carrier for full purchase value in case of any damage. Please feel free to inquire further about any of these fine instruments. im happy to provide more details and/or PHOTOS of anything on the list if you need them. Thanks for looking! :-))
PAYPAL is preferred, and I ship via USPS Postal Parcel fully insured and guarantee safe and secure delivery to your address.
CLICK HERE to view my 100% positive EBAY FEEDBACK SINCE 1999
my original music playing right now is called FizmoFireAndDrums ....i was working on an experiment with my Ensoniq Fizmo last year :-)


YAMAHA MDF-3 MIDI File Player ~ reads SMF on Floppies. $199

ROLAND HandSonic HPD-15 ~ $799. MINT

OBERHEIM Matrix 1000 Synthesizer ~ one of the best synths ever... classic vintage ~ ultra clean with white faced front panel....near MINT... $950

OBERHEIM Drummer PERF/X ~ w/ power adapter in great condition. Works perfectly and creates an amazing variety of complex rhythm variations $249

OBERHEIM Strummer PERF/X ~ with power adapter in great condition. Works nicely and does a great job of emulating strumming via MIDI. $249

ALESIS Q-Cards....these are for the ALESIS QS Synthesizer.....
Sanctuary ~ Pop Rock ~ ~ Vintage Keyboards ~ Vintage Synthesizers ~ priced between $69 and $89

ALESIS Quadrasynth S4 Plus~ S4+ awesome sounding synth from Alesis with ONE PCMCIA card slot. ... ~ $299

ALESIS QSR QuadraSynth Rackmount version with 2 PCMCIA card slots. $299

E-MU Sound Expansion ROMs available.....B-3 ROM -$299..... WORLD EXPEDITION ROM -$299 .... AND (TSCY) Techo Snyth ROM -$249.....also Holy Grail ROM -$249

E-MU PROTEUS 2XR ~ this is THE orchestral synth from back in the day ~ $199

E-MU/Ensoniq HALO ~ keyboard with 64 voices including the HALO ROM which is the same as the Sounds of the ZR ROM ~ luscious vintage keyboard sonic elements $499

E-MU PLANET EARTH with World Expedition ROM as from factory ~ 64 voice poly and AMAZING sound set in this one ~ ethnic / world music galore $449

E-MU TURBO Phatt ~ 128 voice poly with original Phatt ROM $399

E-MU Virtuoso ~ 128 voice poly with both original factory ROM ~ Orch 1 & Orch 2 ~ this is the full orchestration unit for your studio $369

E-MU Proteus 2000 ~ 128 voice poly with original factory Composer ROM $299

E-MU Proteus 1000 ~ 64 voice poly with original Composer ROM $249

E-MU B3 Sythnisizer ~ the BEST B3 sounds outside of owning a B3 ~ $399

E-MU XL1 Synthesizer ~ awesome synth for dance music ~ $249

E-MU Proteus 2000 ~ great Synth full of sounds with Composer ROM $249

MAM MAP-1 MIDI Arpeggiator... primo MIDI arpeggiation at its finest ~ way better than what comes with most high end modern synths. $399

NOVATION X-Station ~ very cool portable 25 full-sized KEYs Analog sounding synth that is a MIDI / USB controller too. Battery powered ~ comes with nice case $399

NOVATION XioSynth ~ very small portable 25 full-sized KEYS Virtual Analog synth MIDI/USB controller. Battery power. Come with nice case $299

TWO WALDORF Gekkos ~ these are extremely rare. One is the Arpeggiator Gekko and the other is the Chord Gekko. these are RARE collector items. $199 for the pair

ENSONIQ / KMX Ensoniq 8x8 MIDI Patchbay ~ beautiful like new condition. no power adapter included, but works great on basic 9v 500mA typical adapter. $199

360 Systems MIDI Patcher 8x8 MIDI Patchbay ~ very clean and ready to handle all your MIDI routing with ease ~ $145

NEXUS MIDI Switcher 3x8 by JL Cooper $139

NEXUS MIDI Merger 2x8 by JL Cooper $169

Kurzweil Expressionmate MIDI tool for keyboardists ~ this is designed to be used with the Kurzweil Ribbon Controller ~ amazing arpeggiator in this! ~ $249

ALESIS SR18 Drum machine ~ top quality beats $199

BOSS DR670 Drum machine ~ Boss does it well $169

ZOOM RT323 Drum machine ~ lotta bang for the buck! $159

ZOOM RT223 Drum machine ~ another great ZOOM device $139

PEAVEY RockMaster guitar preamp ~ amazing sound from Peavey ~ $299

ROCKTRON Gainiac ~ wonderfully INTENSE high gain preamp from Rocktron $159

JOE MEEK VC-5 Meequalizer ~ green machine 2 channel sound strip ~ amazing preamp!! like no other!! ~ $379

AKAI ME30PII Midi Programmable Patchbay 4x8 ~ very cool vintage Midi Router from AKAI ~ $149

AKAI ME80P Midi Programmable Patchbay 8x8 ~ advanced MIDI Router from AKAI ~ $299

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