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Smile of Bear - Rhythm Rancher

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ELECTRONIC studio gear on SALE here ~ many different rare and vintage items for great prices!


As my studio continually grows, I'm always engaged in thinning the herd :-)) Please look over my list of Electronic gear for sale and see if you might need anything :)

All gear is packed with utmost care with secure boxing in heavy cardboard with generous amount of padding in the form of foam, paper or bubble pack and will be FULLY INSURED with the carrier for full purchase value in case of any damage. Please feel free to inquire further about any of these fine instruments. im happy to provide more details and/or PHOTOS of anything on the list if you need them. Thanks for looking! :-))
PAYPAL is preferred, and I ship via USPS Postal Parcel fully insured and guarantee safe and secure delivery to your address.
CLICK HERE to view my 100% positive EBAY FEEDBACK SINCE 1999
my original music playing right now is called FizmoFireAndDrums ....i was working on an experiment with my Ensoniq Fizmo last year :-)


Kurzweil 1000GX Guitar Expander Rackmount ~ Sound Expansion Module ~ quality !! ~ $89

Roland ASC10 ARABIC Scale Converter ASC-10 MIDI make CUSTOM SCALES forWorldMUSIC ~ Very useful for Arabic, Malouf, Bouzouki music ~ $115

Roland M-DC1 Dance MDC1 Sound Expansion Rackmount ~ very clean w/owner's manual ~ $149

Kurzweil 1000 PX PLUS Professional Expander Rackmount ~ 23 BUTTONS with EXTRAS! ~ $239

Kurzweil 1200 PRO II Professional Expander Rackmount ~ V5 OS Software Installed ~ $299

EMU E-MU Proteus 2XR Legendary QUALITY sound ~ EXPANDED XR Model ~ Orchestral ~ $179

EMU E-MU Proteus 3XR Legendary QUALITY sound EXPANDED XR Model WORLD Synthesizer

ROLAND ASIA ~ SR-JV80-14 Asia Expansion Board for Ethnic/World Beat music ~ $149

ROLAND WORLD ~ SR-JV80-05 World Expansion Board for Ethnic/World Beat music ~ $99

PEAVY GRABBER Digital Sampler ~ $125

YAMAHA MDF-2 MIDI File Player ~ $99

KAWAI Q80EXE ~ fully expanded 32 Track MIDI Sequencer with Disk Drive ~ amazing MIDI control!!! ~ $249

NEXUS MIDI Merge ~ Midi Merger ~ $75

ROLAND HandSonic HPD-15 ~ $699 ~ MINT

AKAI MPD-16 ~ MIDI USB Drum Pads ~ $59

M-AUDIO Trigger Finger ~ great MIDI USB Controller for music production ~ $149

KORG Pad Control ~ great MIDI USB controller ~ $149

OBERHEIM Drummer PERF/X ~ with manual and original power in great condition. Works perfectly and creates an amazing variety of drum / rhythm variations for any drum box or electronic rhythm device ~ $245

PIONEER CDJ-500II PRO CD Player ....has all the cool features including seamless looping....works great and in clean condition, hardly used ~ $150

ROLAND CDX-1 Sampling CDR/W with sequencer and tone generator. Very clean protable desktop unit. This comes with all manuals and the 5-Video series for operational procedures and andvanced functions. Very versatile machine. can run a whole party from this one unit. small footprint ~ $375

JOEMEEK VC5 Meekualizer....beautiful Brittish EQ ...quality for less $ and its a wonderful refreshing green colored one-space rackmount. works well and in great conditon. These are hard to find now that there is a software version of it....this is better :) ~ $299

BK BUTLER TubeWorks RT-924 Blue TUBE II ~ very clean vintage tube preAmp ....huge tube sound that is unreal compared to most of the units out there. This unit has the exact same circuitry as the RT-922 Real TUBE II and the exact same controls all over.....same 11 knobs on the front and 3 on the rear.....all pots have been cleaned properly and are working perfectly. The only difference is the TUBES themselves that BK Butler put inside at the factory. These kill the REAL TUBE or BLUE TUBE pedals with WAY more control and its DUAL channel with the channel STACKING feature!!!! the stacking feature is awesome. for a slightly different overdrive tube sound geared more for Bass, but still highly useable for almost anything else. especially great on the lower frequencies :) ~$375

KORG DTR-2 tuner in great condition. works nicely. one-space rackmount unit. professional grade tuner. very convenient ~$125

NOVATION X-Station 25 Key Synthesizer MIDI/USB keyboard controller with soft padded nicely fitting case all in almost new condition...with owners manual and power ~ $375

128MB SmartMedia memory cards as used in many Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Zoom, Radikal, Boss synthesizers, recorders, and MIDI sequencers. These cards are compatible with any machine that needs 128MB SmartMedia memory. These are used cards but in very clean condition and come with a small plastic case for each one :~$25 ~ only a few left....

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