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Earth Day April 22, 2013

One Earth Day Purchase can prevent many Thousands of Plastic Water Bottles from going into Landfills every YEAR!

Sometimes the power to greatly impact our earth's health in a positive way is easier than we might think. As consumers, we make buying decisions that affect our environment every day. Here's an extraordinarily GREEN buying suggestion for a better Earth Day ... simply purchase a Multipure Drinking Water System for your home and start using it.

Bottled Water users...Did you know that by purchasing and using a Multipure home water filter, you can prevent as many as 6,000 plastic water bottles from entering our environment each and every year? In other words, the Multipure replaces bottled water so you no longer buy it. Thus you will save lots of money, have much better quality drinking water, and help Mother Earth at the same time!

This Earth Day, we're celebrating the various ways that owning a Multipure Drinking Water Systems is GREEN

1) ~RECYCLED~ The Multipure Product technology begins with coconut husks.
The usable part of the coconut has always been the inside part, while the outer shell was discarded or burned. For 43 years Multipure has effectively transformed this coconut husk into the perfectly designed carbon media for the inner core of our Solid Carbon Block filters. This is true recycling and clean-up of a seemingly worthless bulky material. Ultra GREEN transformation!

2) ~Decrease PLASTIC Mountains~ Using a Multipure means that bottled water use is minimized... in most cases eliminated, and therefore there is far less plastic generated due to this use.
What's so problematic about bottled water? … First of all, this trend can significantly lower water levels at the source. Also the huge amount of fossil fuels used to process the bottles and ship them cross country and around the world is not sustainable. Those same bottles, after being emptied, mostly end up in our landfills and our oceans …only a small percentage ever get recycled. Bottled water consumption has a grossly negative environmental impact. Using one Multipure filtration system can eliminate the potential use of many thousands of bottles per year. This alone makes Multipure a superior GREEN product!!

3) ~LIFETIME of Service~ Multipure's STEEL housing is built to last a Lifetime!
You only buy the Multipure housing once and simply replace the inner filter cartridge annually. Multipure is one of the only companies around with a Lifetime Warranty ~ the Stainless Steel housings are truly built to last a lifetime making it a prudent choice. Such lifetime longevity makes Multipure VERY GREEN!!!

On top of all of the above, purchasing a Multipure gives you and your family a SHIELD of Protection from the Chemical Age. The Stainless Steel Multipure AquaVersa and AquaPerform have both been certified and documented by NSF.org, under Standard #53, to virtually eliminate the widest range of health-related contaminants. NSF is the world recognized unbiased third-party verifier for over 50 different kinds of product categories, including water filtration devices. So, you can look up exactly what your system will do in the NSF product listings and find out any filter's exact level of performance and protection. This eliminates any guesswork in terms of true product performance questions. Multipure's high level of performance makes the buying choice very simple.

By using a Multipure, you become more GREEN too and you can feel assured that you are doing a significant benefit to the planet!!
And you are getting the best drinking water for you and your family's ingestion needs. You can even share it with you pet friends, and favorite plants too :) Every one appreciates better hydration & better health!

The wisest decisions that we make today to help our environment, and ultimately ourselves, are sometimes the easiest ones.
Wishing you the best of hydration!
Have a very fine Earth Day Weekend!

Will & Gemma McCoy
Multipure Independent Distributors
(530) 468-2166
*please contact us anytime with questions*

Tips for Choosing the Right Water Filter

Posted March 2nd, 2013

Three Simple Questions to ask when choosing a Water Filtration System

Are you confused about all of the water filtration options out there?
Here’s three simple questions that when answered and understood, will give you peace of mind and help lead you to the healthiest decision for you and your family.

1) Product Performance — What is a product proven to do?
This is the Number One question when comparing water filters … what is a filter tested and proven to do? Many products are simply taste and odor filters …also known as aesthetic devices. They may take out some chlorine and improve taste, but not much else. Some claim a wide range of contaminant reduction yet offer no documentation.
If you are wanting to safeguard your family’s health from the widest range of contaminants possible, be sure to look to NSF International, the world-wide accepted third party lab testing certifier of water filtration products. Over the last 25 years, NSF has stringently tested more than 6,000 water filtration products and provide verification of product performance based on NSF lab data. Be sure to always ask for a product’s Performance Data Sheet that clearly shows NSF test results. This document lists all of the contaminants that a product has been tested and proven to reduce, and the actual amounts reduced, all confirmed in the lab by NSF’s rigorous testing protocol. This is genuinely empowering information! Knowing about this is crucial to making the right choice.

2) Cost — What is the Long-term cost?
It’s important to understand that there is the initial cost of a product and there is also the long-term, sometimes not so obvious, on-going cost. Some of the filters that look inexpensive may end up costing you way more over the long-term due to cartridge replacement costs. Calculate the ten-year cost by adding the initial cost plus the 10-year cartridge replacement cost. This is the accurate way of determining true cost of a system.

3) What is the Guarantee/Warranty?
Make sure that your product comes with a sufficient 100% money-back guarantee so that you can test-drive your system for a while and decide if it’s really right for you. You want ZERO risk when purchasing your filter, so make sure you have at least 30 days or 60 or even 90 days. This assurance of satisfaction with a generous time frame gives you security and peace of mind.
See if the product comes with a warranty … the longer the better, i.e. LIFETIME! Any parts that need to be replaced will add to your long-term product cost, so get clear about which of these costs will be covered by the manufacturer and for how long….and get it in writing.

Empower yourself with information. Do just this little bit of inquiry and you will be on your way to making the right choice for yourself and your family.
We are also here to assist you.
Standing by, at your service ~ Will & Gemma

contact us anytime
@ (530) 468-2166


Posted on February 24, 2013

Here are eleven more hot tips to help you get your Spring “Networking Marketing” Garden established.

1.) Make sure you have enough seeds ready to plant
~~~ where information goes, product flows.
2.) Decide where to plant
~~~ act upon best logical hunch for best ROI.
3.) Prepare soil
~~~ visibility and more visibility is crucial to your success.
4.) Place seed into soil with great care
~~~ help people with their questions and provide documentation.
5.) Water as needed
~~~ be generous with each prospect and give them the information they need and want.
6.) Fertilize as needed
~~~ be attentive to their interest and needs and let them know you are ready to serve them.
7.) Pull weeds as they appear
~~~ handle objections or issues quickly and professionally.
8.) Repair any fences or trellis as wind or animals may knock down
~~~ correct any misconceptions or confusion that may arise.
9.) Watch out for garden pests and be ready to handle
~~~ perhaps procrastination is the most common type yet there are others..
10) Observe the beauty of natural growth
~~~ see how facts and information provided will help a person make a wise decision naturally.
11) Harvest the FRUITS of your labor
~~~ close the deal when the prospect is ripe and ready…timing is everything.

Enjoy your time in the garden Guys ) These are moments well spent.
The gardener proceeds with the joy of gardening and the expectation of a fine harvest, and this has been going on for Millennia.
There is no better analogy for your business… its really kinda the same thing… so why not align your vision and go for it? keep it simple.
wishing you the finest week ahead ~ with respect / gratitude ~
Will & Gemma @ (530) 468-2166 OR dublmranch@sisqtel.net


“Great trees grow from the smallest shoots; a terraced garden, from a pile of earth, and a journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet”
~ Lao Tzu Share this:


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